Hip Hop dictionary

a: - adjective
adv: - adverb
n: - noun
i: - interjection

Baby-daddy a: A term of affection used for the father of one's children
Baby-momma a: A term of affection used for the mother of one's children
Balla n: 1. A ladies man or a player 2. A male with lots of money and the need to flaunt 3. A drug dealer.
Blaze v: A verb used interchangeably to motivate an action. Example: "Blaze mo' chiba."
Boo a: A term of affection used for one's mate. Synonyms include: sweetheart or honey.
Bounce v: Get up and Go. "Let's bounce."
Bout it: I'm down. Usually a response to a question. Bout it, bout it."
Chiba: n: A marijuana cigarette, aka "weed." Example: "Blaze mo' chiba."
Come correct v: To adjust one's attitude, to "get real" or be reasonable.
Dime/Dime-piece n: A woman who is very attractive; a "10."; a really fine girl.
Down Low or DL a: On the low key tip.
Fa Real? adv: A question to clarify information which should convey shock or disbelief Example: Person one: "This white boy made a dictionary to translate our favorite terms.." Person two: Fa real?"
Herb n, v: A leach or deadbeat. Example: Don't be a herb/ Don't herb.
Holdin' down the crown a: An intense form of respect. Example: "MC Kid ov'r is holding down the crown right now."
Holla n: From the Spanish Hola!. Can mean hello or an expression to display excitement or good vibes.
Illa a: Very good. Example: "Kid ov'r be tha illa MC."
Joint v: Song or work of art. Example: Heard that new joint?
Locked or Locked Down a: To be in a state of control. Example: "I got the plans locked down."
Makin moves a: To be working on something-on the job.
Much respect a: A way of paying tribute:. "Much respect to all the ladies."
Off the hook a: Amazingly cool. Example : "That joint was off the hook, kid."
One i: An interjection which shows respect. Example: "I'm outa here. Peace, one."
Peep v: To investigate or experience. Example: "You peeped my homegirl yet?"
Rep v: Abbreviation for represent, which can mean a person's place of origin. Example: "Where you rep? The boogy down."
Scrub n: A guy that just doesn't cut it; a skanky dude who usually thinks he's the shit. Example: "You and your boys ain't nuthin cept a buncha scrubs. Bounce."
Shorty a: A respectable term for a girl. Example: "Yo, shorty, let me holler at you for a minute."
The Boogy Down a: A synonym for the Bronx, ie.. "the boogy down bronx."
Thug passion: Synonym for liquor, as in Henessy.
Thug: A black man with oversized clothes, typically also has an introverted personality and lots of hip-hop style.
To be shook: An extreme condition of fear. Example: "A yo, he shook son. My boy shake."
To Big Up v: To mention in praise. "Big up Hot 97 for blazing that new snoop joint."
To cop v: To purchase. Example: "Yo, cop the new Wu album."
To flip the script v: To have a change of plans. Example: "When shit goes down, like that that makes me wanna flip the script."
To frost up/freeze up: v: To provide with diamonds. Example: "Real playas frost their girl's wrist up."
To get it poppin' v: To make love or have sex.
To get your insert verb on v: Example: "I need to get my eat on."
To hold it dow n: v: To answer as a declaratory statement usually in response to a question. Example: "Was up? Holding it down."
To pop a cap: v: To shoot a gun. Example: "Don't make me pop a cap in yo ass."
To put someone on blast: v: Flatter or praise. Example: "Yo..I gotta put Faith Evans on blast for her new album ."
To reach out v: To go to a place.
To shout out v: Make note of or recognize. Example: "I wanna shout out my boo in co-op city."
To sleep on v: To ignore or neglect. Example: "Don't sleep on the Wu's new album."
To squash the beef v: End a fight or dispute.
To up: a: To be excessively drunk. Example: "I get to up from the flo up and nevah throw up."
To wild out v: To go nuts, sometimes violently. Typically involves being drunk and/or rowdy. Example: "These niggas were wilding out at the club last night."
Trick a: An insulting term with overtones of prostitution used only to negatively describe females. Synonyms include "chickenhead" and "unrighteous ho."
Type a: Synonym for very. Example: "On Manhattan, life is type expensive."
Woody n: (long O) An expression from the "dirty South" which is equivalent to Hola!.
Word Life i: An interjection similar to "well" used to introduce a remark. Example: "Word life, I like the way the gibs went down. "