A Survivial Guide to stand up:

Take the test below. Whoever gets the most questions right each week will be our guest at New York Citys best comedy show and win a night of free drinks. Submit your answers by email, and find out at each weak's show if you won.
If you don't fill out the field for your email, you can't win!
1. Drink minimums are:
A. A big rip off.
B. A chance for a nice cleavage shot.
C. Never found at The Happy Hour.

2. Funny is:
A. George Bush trying to find Africa and realizing the Rangers traded him to the Yankees.
B. Thinking tech support actually knows what theyre talking about.
C. Reading the Happy Hour web page when you should be working, slacker!

3. The best way to avoid being harassed by a funny person:
A. Don't sit near them.
B. Pretend you don't speak English.
C. Drink heavily

4. Most famous stereotype:
A. Jews are cheap
B. Italians are in the mafia
C. All Tim's jokes are funny.

5. Alternative comedy is usually:
A. Not funny
B. A liberating artistic experience for the comedians.
C. Pompous posers pretending they're prolific.

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