Executive Producer Tim Halpern is originally from his father and his mother. Half Catholic and half Jewish, Tim is proud to be a Cashew from a family of nuts. His love of stand up comedy came from years of sit down tragedy: meals with his Italian relatives.

A great film about Tim's Nana by his brother Alex

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You wrote it, You Watch It on
- In 1993, I was regularly featured on a show called You Wrote It, You Watch it starring Jon Stewart who I worked with on an episode.
Review of You Wrote It, You Watch It

Parker Lewis Cant Lose
Maybe Parker couldn't lose, but I did lose - my mind that is. This was my first big TV break in 1992. But I was so excited, I broke the makeup ladies hand with my over-enthusiastic steel grip. More Parker Lewis Can't Lose info

Rude Awakening
My first big film break in 1987. If you blink, you might miss me. But not as much as I miss those residual checks the producers were supposed to send me: Hollywood accounting!#$#&**

Thats Funny
A book in which six of my jokes are published.

National Dance Institute
My first big show business break. In 1980, I got to dance with former New York City Ballet principal Jacques DAmboise at Madison Square Garden.